Anacortes Fireworks
July 19, 2010 at 09:40 pm

Well, the Forth of July has passed as you probably noticed. You can guess what I was doing on that day. I was planning on going out that night to take some firework pictures. Here is the result of my night of taking pictures:

The Fireworks
The Anacortes Fireworks in front of Bunnies By The Bay.

Before you ask questions (if you were going to), I will explain how I got that in extremely low light.

When I was thinking about taking pictures, I wanted pictures like the pictures I've seen Trey Ratcliff take of fireworks. He had a nice landscape with the fireworks in the distance. I ran into problems with this though, since the Anacortes firework show starts after dark. So, to overcome this problem, I took the landscape shot before dark and pasted in the fireworks from after dark.

Here are the times I took the parts of this picture at...

  • Last background bracket:  9:47pm
  • First firework picture:  10:22pm