December 31, 2015 at 04:52 pm

Hey, I'm Garrett.

The name of this site is pronounced "flaw-ft", similar to sOFTware. Once upon a time I wanted to start a software company and name it Floft. That's not going to happen. However, this site does provide an opportunity to share that which I think may be of interest.

Thinking, creating, sharing.
Code, music, photos, writing.

I'm a computer engineering student. While I'm slightly biased, let's just say that I've seen some of the coolest things on the planet. Yet, there is more to life than just computers. Writing code for a computer has a certain appeal (for example, you can automate repetitious tasks, though that may be selfish thinking stemming from laziness justified in the name of efficiency), but it is also somewhat depressing in that the computer doesn't really care about you. There is a certain joy in writing for people, connecting with others through music, photography, and writing.

People. That's you. This website is for you! (See convincing smile below.)

Convincing smile